Do you generate hits using SPAM, POP-UPS or other unscrupulous techniques?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. The visitors we deliver are legitimate. We never send out mass emails, use pop-ups or post to newsgroups. The visits come from real users who ACTUALLY SEE YOUR SITE. We don't trick you by paying users to visit your site either.

How long will it take to get my visitors?
When you purchase a package, we will work with you to schedule a start date for your program. After that start date, visitors will come in to your site. Some days you may get 40,000 or more visitors, other days you might get only a few. However, we guarantee that you will get the number of visitors promised within a month

What is a "Unique Visitor"? Is this the same as a hit?
A unique visit is counted when someone views a web page without pressing reload on their browser. Further, the person cannot have visited that page for awhile. Unique visits are also known as "sessions." A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever a file is loaded... when you loaded this page, you generate quite a few hits - one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. In common usage, people are referring to unique visits when they talk about hits. WE COUNT UNIQUE VISITS, NOT HITS.

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?
Your site must be legal in the United States. Sorry, but we cannot send traffic to sites which promote hate, violence or illegal activities.

Do you GUARANTEE your results?
Absolutely! If you don't get the number of visitors you purchased within 30 days, we will refund your money on a pro-rata basis (e.g. if we only manage to send 50% of the visitors, we will refund 50% of your money). However, this has NEVER HAPPENED... indeed, we usually OVER DELIVER!

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